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Company Service Network & Security

ATI “Networking and Security” offerings focus on developing and supporting the technical requirements of an organization. This competency of ATI focuses on four (4) key elements of the strategy: analyze, recommend, design, and integrate.

Within this phase, Awesome Technologies works closely with the organizations IT staff and management to collect all requirements and documentation for the given service. With this information, the ATI consultant will analyze the data to formulate a number of plans that can be recommended to the client.

In the recommendation phase, ATI’s consultants develop a real world set of plans and documents that detail each phase of the design, implementation, and testing of the service. This material will be presented to the client both on a technical and business level, so that the client can make an informed decision which will lead to the design phase.

During the design phase, the Awesome Technologies consultants will work closely with the organizations IT staff and management, as well as our vendor partners to develop a detailed set of design specifications and test plans that will be utilized when the project is implemented. This design phase will bring in the marketplace leaders to help shape the most effective design possible. These documents lay the foundation for the integration phase.

In the integration phase, ATI’s consultants will work side-by-side with IT support staff to implement the completed solution.


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