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Company Service Planning

The ATI “Technical Planning” service focuses on developing and supporting the technical and business processes of an organization. There are three (3) areas of focus that ATI specializes in: Program and Project Management Support, Process Development, and Policy Development.

Program and Project Management Support
ATI’s Program and Project Management Support service provides real world project management and cost analysis using industry best practices as our guiding principles.

Real World PMI and Six Sigma Implementations
The Awesome Technologies professional service team consists of persons with proven leadership skills, in-depth information security experience, technical competence and strong interpersonal skills. The combination of our skills, in concert with our expertise and knowledge of information security techniques and trends will produce creative, high-impact solutions, that reflect real world implementations of the PMI and Six Sigma standards.

For each project, ATI will utilize a senior project engineer (SPE) to coordinate all issues surrounding a given project. Through constant communication and effective project management skills, the senior project engineer will work with the organizations IT staff, to ensure that projects are on track, deadlines are met, and resources are made available as needed. This model ensures that Awesome Technologies is able to properly control and maintain the project, while meeting all of the customer’s requirements.

Cost Benefit Analysis
A Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) is a detailed comparison between the positive and negative impacts of a given situation. The reduction of costs is driving factor in most industries for change. This analysis is utilized by organizations as a business planning and decision making tool. There are three (3) basic varieties of this analysis:

  • Return on investment (ROI analysis)

  • Financial justification

  • Cost of ownership analysis

All of these approaches to cost benefit analysis attempt to predict the financial impacts and other business consequences of an action. In addition all of these analysis processes have the same structural and procedural requirements for building a strong, successful business case

Process Development
Processes are a key component to any organizations day to day operations. ATI’s Process Development service helps an organization quantify and document processes that help the organization function in a more efficient and effective manner.

Operations and Support
Operational support is a critical component of any organization. To enable an organization to manage and effectively implement the support process, it is imperative to have operational and support processes in place. Awesome Technologies staff will analyze an organizations business and technical requirements, then will document and implement a process that identifies each step of the support and operational process.

Engineering and Architecture
Working with industry best practices, the ATI staff can aid an organization to develop an effective process for engineering and architecture. This process will ensure that all organizational security polices are followed, as well as ensure that all personal are well informed about the architecture. This well documented process will also detail each step of the approval process to ensure that the architecture meets all requirements.

Utilizing our professional experience, the Awesome Technologies consultants will work closely with an organization to develop the proper qualifications, sizing, and cost estimates for a proper solution that will meet expected requirements and certifications. The service provides that value add of allowing the ATI team to properly qualify individual products, multi-vendor solutions, services, and SLA’s on behalf of an organization and may take the form of an RFI (request for information) or an RFP (request for proposal).

Policy Development
Every organization needs policies to help provide guiding principles for the user community and for how business is done. These policies can span multiple sections of a customer environment such as:

  • Organizational and personnel
  • Physical controls and access to information
  • Asset classification and control
  • Network and computer management
  • Business continuity
  • Application and technical development
  • Compliance with internal, state, of federal policies

ATI’s Policy Development service helps an organization by investigating the requirements and associated priorities to identify, develop, and maintain policies to help ensure that the integrity of the organization is maintained at all times. In addition, our consultants will strive to integrate organizations policies with industry standards and best practices for both commercial and governmental environments.


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